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How to Know Your Business is Ready for Co-Packing

This list reflects typical co-packing in general, and is not specific to what Community Co-Pack offers.

Your Product is Solid

You have found success testing your product’s proof of concept in farmers markets, vendor fairs, etc, and you’ve got your product, recipe, process and sourcing down pat. If you are still figuring out how to extend the shelf life beyond a week, it’s not time to go to a co-packer.

Product Sales on Fleek

Your product is selling well and consistently. Your sales volumes justify bigger runs. You can even forecast your sales into the future!

Growth Is in Your Future

It is a good time to partner with a co-packer when you foresee or are experiencing business growth. Manufacturing scale is important to a typical co-packer. Or maybe you are just bursting at the seems!

Money in the Bank

Your business is financed. You are able to cover the costs of on-boarding with a co-packer and the minimum costs associated with each run.


You have a business plan and active business advisors.

*** For brand new companies read Launching with a co-Packer

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