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Launching with a Co-Packer

Congratulations! You have a product that can actually be launched into co-packing. Basically, we are talking about shelf stable bottled products.

Before you approach a co-packer:

● Work with a product developer, a food scientist or a research chef.

● Test large batches of your product.

● Come prepared with everything on “How to get Your Product Ready for a Co-Packer

Food for thought:

Your unknowns will be more expensive

There is always a learning curve with new products. Always. Instead of you doing it alone in a cheap commercial kitchen a team will be doing it in bigger, more expensive batches.

You don’t know your best seller yet

If you launch into small retail, direct to consumer and farmers markets you’ll be able to be creative, make several products and discover the best sellers. If you don’t go through this process, you will be launching and making assumptions as you go.

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